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From Seed to Harvest

gardenOur congregation is preparing for Harvest. This year, ours will be an urban offering, as we support Fresh Start, an initiative of the Edinburgh churches to assist people with ‘Starter Packs’, as they move from homelessness into tenanted accommodation. At the same time, we cannot but notice the ripe apples on the trees or taste the juicy brambles on our walks through the park. Digging up those home-grown tatties reconnects us with the earth, and our soul rejoices as we breathe in the last splashes of colour, before nature takes a rest during the winter months... read more

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The Front Door

mikeHot Chocolate is somewhere people experience the Gospel. Like any Christian community, we’re trying (in as faltering, forgetful, and forgiveness-heavy a way as everyone else) to be Christ-like: to enact in our life together, the ways, character and actions of Jesus.

Sometimes, this is intentional. Our daily work with young people facing deep pains and challenges would be impossible without constantly struggling in the profoundest ways with truth and grace.

Consider these voices from just two recent weeks:

“I’m too scared to go home”... read more

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What do you need?

Scott McRobertsAsk a lot of people in our comfortable, affluent, suburban area of Inverness what they need, and they’ll say, “Nothing. We’re fine”. At least, that was the biggest response when our church undertook a survey of our parish earlier this year.

So here’s a question for our church: “How do you share the gospel in a place like ours”? When God speaks to the world, He says that we all need something, and we’re all offered it. The Bible tells us we’re all in need of rescue from sin, and death, and other things that oppress and bind us; but that we’re all welcome to that rescue and release through Jesus Christ (see Romans Chapter 3 and Luke Chapter 4)... read more

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What’s important, and what matters?

Angus MathiesonIt was the end of the Summer.

I’d forgotten that friends were about to visit. That meant a frantic dash around the house, to make sure it wasn’t too untidy, and that it looked okay.

While I was tidying up, there was a programme on TV, and one of the characters was trying to offer words of wisdom to one of the other actors, to cheer him up. The words she used, as she was trying to persuade him that he shouldn’t be too worried about what other people think, were:

“Those who matter, won’t mind …
… and those who mind, don’t matter”... read more

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Taking action!

Muriel Pearson copyOn the news recently, there was yet another report outlining the pressures on standards of living being experienced by families in work, as average earnings trail behind inflation. The pressures on those living on benefits, and the indignities and frustrations they face, are also well documented. Over the past ten weeks, a group of ordinary folk in Ruchazie (North-East Glasgow) have come together to share their own experiences of living with poverty, and to identify some actions they may wish to take together, to tackle the issue in their community... read more

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