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The power of being listened to

chatting“Thank you for listening to me.”

“I felt so much lighter after talking to [your volunteer]”.

“It’s so good to talk to someone who isn’t family or friends.”

These are just some of the comments that have been made over the past few months, by people who have visited Finn’s Place, our wellbeing project here at Langside Church . One was a woman facing a personal sense of loss who had been referred to Finn’s Place by her Support Worker, one was someone who had come into the church looking for food, and the other was a Carer who attended a Carers’ respite day we had organised... read more

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“Defining Legacies…”

Jim TeasdaleLegacy.

It’s a word we’ve heard a lot about recently. Ever since the 2012 Olympics, the question has been asked of London: “What did the Games do for us”?

The same question will soon be asked of Glasgow. As the euphoric glow of more than 50 medals for Scotland begins to fade, people will look to the new and refurbished buildings and areas of the city, and wonder how they’ll fit into their daily lives.

It occurs to me that Jesus is challenging us to do, and be, more.

.. read more
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The Most Fulfilling Thing I’ve Ever Done

Graeme and sonHow’s your Summer been so far?

For me, (pictured left with my son, after receiving his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award) it’s gone all too quickly. But I’ve really enjoyed having my Friday nights back. After another long year in the Boys’ Brigade, it’s time for Officers like myself, across Scotland, to have a break, recharge our batteries, and reflect on the success of the past year.

It’s also the time that many of us ask: why do we do it?.. read more

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clockToday we live in an ‘instant age’ where people expect things “on tap”, free of any delay or inconvenience. So much is done in the least amount of time with the least possible effort, and people are constantly looking for quick or immediate results.

In such a fast moving and ever changing world, it’s important for us to take a step back, and ask ourselves how all this affects the church, and its work of mission and evangelism.

For instance, are strong Biblical words like ‘patience’ and ‘perseverance’ still very much at the heart and core of how we “do business” in our witness today?.. read more

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