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How do you know that?

question_mark - writtenIn March, as part of our Learning and Training Programme, we organised an “Outcomes, Indicators and Methods” Workshop, to help projects get better at evaluating their work; or, in other words, get better at showing how they know they’re achieving what they set out to do.

In Go For It, we’re always encouraged to see how quickly our Workshops book up … often within 24 hours! Our Workshops are part of our drive to be a supportive Funder, but we continue to explore additional learning methods, such as this blog, to support those unable to attend our events... read more

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Intergenerational Fun

WIN Intergenerational Work - Full Table resize

Everybody knows that getting older members of our community together with the younger ones is a good thing … it’s a bit of a no brainer. Community relationships are improved, and both generations can benefit from some form of knowledge exchange. Younger members of the community can learn about the place they live, help foster a sense of identity, and start to challenge prejudices that can be held about “the yoof of today”.

So why does it seem so hard to do?.. read more

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Rising from the Ashes


We now know that the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games will not have big bangs! It was announced yesterday that the demolition of five of the six high-rise blocks at Red Road has been dropped from the Games’ Opening Ceremony.

Prior to yesterday’s announcement, the local community had known that the blocks would come down, but had thought it would take place over the next seven years. The demolition will now be rescheduled, but local people have been told that there are no plans to rebuild on the site... read more

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We all have a part to play in building social capital


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has a definition of “Social Capital” which goes like this: social capital consists of “networks, together with shared norms, values and understanding that facilitate cooperation within or among groups”. I’m not sure the OECD was aiming for nifty when they came up with that, but the essentials of social capital are there in that statement. It is about growing the assets of communities so that people work together with a shared agenda, and in that scenario, everyone has a part to play and a contribution to make... read more

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