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Virtually Lost?

Tracy BairdWe look around the venue. State-of-the-art facilities, purpose built, free entry and free entertainment. Free, free, free.

We are having problems engaging our older teens. Not through a lack of experience or trying. We just can’t find them. Offering all that we can – in response to their requests if feasible – and publicising where we can, has not been enough.

Where are they?

The list of reasons why they’re not here is not exhaustive, and we might think it was simply a regional issue for Ayrshire; if the churches around the country weren’t experiencing it too... read more

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Is this Ministry?

ParachuteWe are living in times of diminishing and more elderly congregations, and a major shortfall in Ministers. Some might ask: “What is an Auxiliary Minister doing, as a Project Director of a charity which provides a friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment for isolated, vulnerable families”? A charity which enables people to develop friendships and skills which will enhance their lives and, in doing so, shows Christian love in action. Equally, others might say: “Isn’t this exactly what churches should be doing”?.. read more

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What happens when your project is successful?

Jackie-CowanIs the church doing enough for people who are divorced or separated?

I frequently come across people who say the church does not want to know. I’m not sure this is true.

The best bit is when I have been talking and I’ve stopped crying. Young person, H2H

But what about the young people affected by their parent’s divorce or separation? They are normally innocent bystanders, however they often take the blame on themselves.

Heart to Heart is a Christian charity, supported by Go For It... read more

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